Hi my name is Stacy Manson, I am from Nebraska and will be venturing out into the world specifically, España!!!

This blog is dedicated to my travels and experiences I will be having before, while and after studying abroad! I am currently studying at Doane College, I am a Junior triple major. These majors are Business Administration, International Relations, and Spanish. For my spanish major I am required to study abroad and my college gives us a grant to help pay for it which is really awesome if you ask me!  I am very excited to go and have been looking forward to this opportunity since I was a kid. One of my major goals in life is to travel the world! I have already visited a few places and that just drove me to want to do it more! I have been to Italy, Greece, and Mexico but I have this need to go more places! That is why I am so excited to be studying abroad in Alicanté, Spain!

This will definitely be a different experience than I have ever had before because I will be living and going to school there for the fall semester of 2015! I will be leaving home my family, boyfriend, friends, and my sorority to see this little gem in Spain! I am very excited, a little nervous, and ready to go! I will be taking a lot of spanish classes and possibly a business course in spanish (ahh). I am also lucky enough to be able to take a scuba diving course which fulfills a course that I need at my home college =]

I am excited for this experience and hope that my blog can help you gain confidence for your future study abroad! Always be thankful for the experiences you already have and cherish every new experience that will be headed your way!

¡SMILE Child! =]



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