How to Celebrate Birthdays Spain Style!


Okay I’m going to be completely honest I am not exactly sure how to celebrate Spain style but we did our best. It was my friend Courtney’s birthday while she was in Spain! Also it was a big deal to us Americans because it was her 21st!!!

My friend Morgan and I threw her a party and I have to say I am pretty impressed! We tried to make it resemble Spain but that’s really hard when 21 doesn’t mean anything to them, they have been drinking for years at this point. So we decided to keep it American but host it of course in Spain!!!


To celebrate her birthday we made her a 21 Chupitos (translates to shots, the best incorporation of Spain we could do). It was a fun little project. Each page had a place for who it was from, the name of the drink, an item she had to do, a place for a photo, and of course a place for her to sign!


To help us celebrate we invited everyone from our classes that we had together and people from her program. To be honest it was probably the most successful celebration I have ever thrown! I mean seriously check out all the people that came:


Of course Courtney had no idea it was going to be a big celebration. She thought it was just her, Morgan and I celebrating because the people from her program “decided to stay in”. We went out to dinner before the festivities started at midnight. We went to the delicious La Tagliatella a personal favorite of Morgans. *I would also recommend it especially if you like pasta* (hint though: if you are going in Alicante don’t do the one closer to the port because they upped the prices a little in comparison to the one farther away from everything).


After we ate we revealed the book to her! She was almost in tears it was great! Then of course we had a pre 21 photo shoot to kill some time!

We wanted to make sure to arrive right at midnight so that way we didn’t meet anyone on their way to the bar and ruin the surprise.

When we got there we were so happy to see almost every single person made it out! We had people from all over the world joining us. A lot of people from the US, Korea, and Japan. We also had our favorite German bartender, some creepy men from the UK or something, and lots of other fun people!

The adorable Japanese friends brought Courtney a strawberry ice cream cake! After a few minutes we got the shot book started! We had almost made a place to sign the guest list and many people left a lovely little note with their name so that Court could read back on it in the future! It was really awesome to see how many people came and celebrated! Although I do have to warn you having around 20 people sign a book at one time is quite hectic!


After we got everyone gathered we headed over to a personal favorite bar of mine for Courts first fire shots! The name of the Bar is La Sede! If you are studying abroad in Alicante look for my further post about the bar life here (I haven’t written it yet but soon!).


She not only got to check a to do off of her list but she got some awesome shots too! A couple of people in her program also treated her to a blow job shot (another to do list!) and the shot glasses were edible!!!


*Photo courtesy of Morgan

After that we headed to a few other bars before making it to Mulligans. Mulligans is probably the most poppin bar in the area. It has a lot of people our age and tends to lead to really good or really bad nights… Tonight was a great night we got Court to dance on the bar even though she said she would never (also a to do!). She danced to “Go Shorty, It’s your Birthday” and met some cute fellas! I would call the night an absolute success!

*Courtney has these photos of her phone so I doubt I will ever get a hold of them!*

We headed home about 4:15 in the morning and walked our little drunk friend home! She was a doll and surprisingly taking her alcohol very well! It probably helped that she had only planned to take half the shots tonight because she had until the 11:59 pm to take the rest. Although she did do 14 I think which was pretty good to knock a lot of them out!

My favorite part of the night was when one of our Japanese friends was just a little drunker than her and they walked along the sidewalk stumbling around holding each other up somehow! It was so cute!!!

Sadly Morgan and I didn’t make it to the rest of the party later that night but according to Courtney it was a success! She also got her birthday kiss! *If she asks I didn’t say anything!*

Overall I was very happy with the party! It seemed like everyone had a good time and most of all Courtney had a good time! There is one actual Spanish tradition we forgot to do and that was pull her ears! In Spain instead of spankings you pull the birthday persons ear the amount of years old they are! Silly huh?


Love yah Court! Hope it was a fun Birthday!!

*Photo courtesy of Morgan as well!


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